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Cutting, Welding, Drawing

A day to win prizes and learn new teaching skills!

Presented by

Craig Anderson
Welding Instructor
Clackamas Community College


Tom Hull
Manufacturing Teacher
Marshfield High School

In this all-day session, the two teachers will model strategies to teach torch cutting skills,
vertical welding and producing fast shop drawings often used in the manufacturing areas.  
Teachers coming to this session should except to go back to their classrooms with scoring
guides, handouts and practical ideas to implement immediately in their classes.
The format will be 50% “lecture/demo” and 50% “lab time” so come dressed to cut, weld and
draw in a little friendly competition with prizes for the top scores!  You will be taught and
assessed the same way that we propose that you teach and assess your students.
Craig and Tom are looking forward to a great day of thoughts and sparks.