President’s Message    --- Tom Hull
June, 2012

“If you spend your whole life rolling horses into Troy, you will not go to heaven,
you’ll go to Champaign, Illinois.”  Old 97’s.

I have spent my whole life working with my hands, so I don’t know where I will eventually
end up, maybe the giant repair shop in the sky.  I do know this: after almost three
decades in the shop working with students, it has never been better.  With three
community volunteers and 145 kids a day, grade 8-12, it is never a dull moment cutting,
drilling, welding, drawing and guiding students into the intricacies of the man-made world
and how to interact with it.

I am looking forward to the 2012 TEO Conference to be held on the Friday, October 12,
2012 at the ACE Academy in Portland.  We have planned sessions for automotive,
construction and manufacturing teachers.  Craig Anderson and I have teamed up to give
manufacturing teachers a full day of activities on cutting, welding and drawing.  

We will send you back to your class with ideas on how to:

  • Incorporate state standards into your lessons
  • Teach to industry expectations
  • Use scoring guides to guide students to achievement
  • Make learning enjoyable

We will model the lessons and you will do them just like your students would.  The actives
are real so come dressed to work, have some friendly competition and win prizes all at the
same time.
There are a lot of negatives in the teaching field today, but I know this: the two important
things have not changed.  First, there are students out there who want to learn; and
second, the shop in the modern world is still sitting there begging to be used.  Grab on to
those two fundamentals, and the teaching  career is still the perfect choice for many of us.

Hope to see you at ACE Academy for the
TEO Conference in October!
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