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Tim Mosterdyke
Executive Director of Education
North West College of Construction

Session 2 Construction

Education Toward Creative Thinking
The premise of this workshop is that vocational instruction is the
first step in 'workforce development' on behalf of employers.  It
further assumes that one of the primary needs of employers is
"out-of-the-way" or Creative Thinkers.  It builds on these premises
and proposes a philosophy of vocational education that affirms
your current practice, as well as introducing other concepts and
practices to consider implementing as you prepare students for the

Topics include:

    Tim's Tetralogy of Teaching
    Gender Differences in Learning
    Problem Based Learning Theory (PBL)
    Utilizing "Managers in Training"
    Learning Styles Revisited
    Bloom's Taxonomy, reinvented
    'Creative Thinking' as defined by Crawford in
Shop Class as Soul Craft